The Texas Beef Jerky Outlet here in Canton, Texas, has become a major shopping destination. Everyone coming through our doors finds themselves sampling our range of jerky; from beef, turkey and chicken to buying our line of exotic game like buffalo, venison, elk, alligator, salmon, and kangaroo. The way we jerk beef and other game is worthy of epic! Let our friendly staff show you we have more to offer than just jerky. We are literally a road trip buffet serving:

  • Jerky Connoisseurs
  • Popcorn Fanatics
  • Hot Sauce Aficionados
  • PB&J Experts
  • BBQ Masters
  • Chocoholics
  • Veggie and Fruit Snack Specialists
  • Witty Wardrobe Wall o’ T-shirts

Set at the crossroads of Interstate 20 and Texas Highway 64 next to Dukes Travel Plaza in Canton, Texas, we welcome visitors traveling across the country and engage our regulars with the latest news and events going on around here. The Texas Beef Jerky Outlet is a Hub for flavored jerky adventures. We are especially proud to be serving the many vendors and visitors touring our town during Canton’s World Famous First Monday Trade Days. While you’re here, please enjoy our friends and neighbors’ businesses:

  √  Dukes Travel Plaza

  √  Dukes Burger Barn

  √  Sweet Frog                                                        

  √  Texas Pecan Shop

If you’re not coming our way anytime soon, then, please shop here on our site for all your tasty road-trip and home-style grocery needs:

  • Flavored Coffee, Chocolate Flavored Coffee Beans & Candy Cordials
  • Pork, Hot, and Czech-styled Sausage Links
  • Beef, Elk, Bison and Venison Summer Sausage
  • Cheese Curds, Rolled Butter, Smoked & Flavored Cheeses
  • Flavored Honeystix
  • Pickled Veggies, Relishes, Quail eggs
  • Jams, Jellies, Preserves, and Pie Fillings
  • Marinades, Rubs and Sauces
  • Lollipops and suckers with scorpions, crickets, ants and other wildlife!

We pretty much have everything but a jug of milk and a pack of crackers – and those, well, you can get them next door at Dukes Travel Plaza!

Our Product Pledge: U.S. ONLY

Texas Beef Jerky Outlet in Canton only sells certified U.S. born and raised beef, poultry, game and fish products. We proudly support our surrounding businesses and communities and the charities they serve. We love serving travelers, truckers, hunters, “oil-fielders”, vacationers, explorers and wanderers from all over the world. Indulge your tastes for all God’s creatures!

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